Sunday, May 25, 2008

Time For New Blog Direction

This is my doggy, Lilly.
She is wondering where we are going to go?

In the past, this blog held the place of our company website.
But now it feels like the right time for the blog not to just talk about our prints and designs, but to shift a bit.
What will that look like???

I'm not sure.

But perhaps it will meander around as it considers the options.

It will still offer prints (any on this site are still buyable from this us or one of our galleries or online representatives), but perhaps also offer prints that appear here ahead or that are different from those offered on other sites.
It may still announce events or news.

But not just these things.

Maybe some days it will just wax poetic or silly or just pull up with a cup of tea and chat.

Contributions are welcome. And suggestions.


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