Saturday, August 05, 2006

Prints to Benefit Breast Cancer Walk

"Prints for Susan Lashley's 3 Day Walk For a Breast Cancer Cure in Chicago"

Dear Friends of Wild Heart Designs, LLC Blog:

We recently had an appeal for support for a very wonderful and important cause, the fundraising for finding a cure for breast cancer. An amazing friend of ours, Susan Lashley,
is preparing to walk 60 miles in 3 days, raising money and walking for a cure to Breast Cancer in the Breast Cancer Walk in Chicago next month -September 2006.

We think this is so important.

Therefore, our business decision was to put forward the following support for Susan and this worthy cause:

OK, here is what we are offering:

For the next 30 days, until September 6th, anyone who buys one of the "Flowers" Series (there are 4 "up" so far) off of the Wild Heart Designs, LLC Blog (40% of the sales price) per print, towards this cause and campaign.

This offer is only available here. Unfortunately, we can't offer it off of other sites where we are partners, but we can offer it here by directly writing us at where we can send you a direct paypal invoice or make other arrangements.

Oh, yes, and the "Three Hearts" print is, in part, dedicated for Children's Charities, if you buy it. That print is already committed.
(However, if anyone buys all four Flowers from the "Flowers" Series that are currently up, the "Three Hearts" print is still their bonus Thank You gift.)

Anyway, just in case someone in the link or loop might be interested in one or more of the "Flowers" prints, we will put 40% of any of our blog sales of those prints into this important
fundraising campaign over the next month.

At Wild Heart Designs, LLC, our special and favorite charities are Children's Charities.
But there are MANY important and wonderful charities. And children are deeply affected when their Moms get breast cancer. We all have to join together for good, for life, for health, for our loved ones.

So here is our part.
We hope it helps.
We hope you will help too!
Love and Light!

Please write to for gallery or online purchase information.---

FYI: The following is from one of the letters we received from Susan, who is our lifelong friend, whose efforts we are supporting in this offer:

In a message dated 8/2/06 3:11:26 PM, Susan L. writes:

First off, if you haven't heard from me in a while, please accept my apology for this 'group' e mail... but once you read this, maybe you'll get an idea of what's been keeping me so darn busy... among other things of course.

I am getting into the last phase of preparation for walking 60 miles in the breast cancer 3-day walk in Chicago Sept. 8-10. It's been fun and very challenging to 'train' for this and get myself ready mentally and physically.

Now, my challenge is to reach my fundraising goal so I can complete my 'check in' before the walk begins. That means that I am required to have the minimum level (total $2200) in soon, before the walk even begins, or else I will have to come up with the remaining balance myself. As I write this, I'm just over halfway to my goal, and that would mean I'd be putting in about $1000 of my own money. I'm already into this for the cost of shoes (2 pairs of good ones, not a small investment these days!!) and plane flights and hotels and etc. So I'm asking you to take a few minutes out of YOUR busy day, to visit my fundraising page (the link is below) and read my latest update, and do what you can. I know it's a lot to ask.

I will be planning a fundraising dinner here locally in August to do the last 'push', but if you are out of the area maybe a visit to a website is a better possibility for you .

Of course if you want to send an encouraging e mail to me, so I can print it up and take it along, please do so. The donation is for research and will benefit many people, but your thoughts will mean a lot more to me personally....

If this link doesn't work with your browser, you can go to and find the link for making a donation. It will prompt you to find the person, I believe, and you would type my name in (use Susan Lashley) and then you have to choose my name from the list of one, in order to get to my donations page.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Hopefully you are doing well and keeping healthy! Of course I would love to hear from you.........


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